“Nobody:”, also known as “No One:” Tweets and “Nobody:” Tweets and “Literally No One:”, is a phrasal template used to mock people who strive to attract attention and tend to provide unsolicited opinions, as well as for observational humor. The format rose to popularity in Autumn 2018 with tweets usuallyRead More →

ProJared Cheating Scandal refers to allegations that YouTuber ProJared, real name Jared Knabenbauer, cheated on his wife Heidi O’Ferrall with YouTuber Holly Conrad, also known as Commander Holly and the ex-wife of Game Grumps alum Ross O’Donovan. Furthermore, O’Ferrall alleged that Knabenbauer solicited and sent nudes to fans, some ofRead More →

Walmart Yodel Boy refers to a video of 12-year old Mason Ramsey performing a country song in a Walmart. The video went viral as people applied various captions to it and remixed it. Read More

Gonna Cry? Gonna Piss Your Pants Maybe? refers to a copypasta which grew popular in shitposts in early 2019. The phrase, which ends with “Maybe shit and cum?”, was most popular on Instagram and Reddit and was paired with nonsensical images. Read More

Slaps Chicken at 3725.95 MPH refers to a theory that the heat generated by hitting a chicken with a hand at 3725.95 miles per hour, or 1665.65 m/s, would be enough to completely cook it. Using the conversion between kinetic energy and thermal energy, a Facebook user came up withRead More →

The Ratio refers to an unofficial Twitter law which states that if the amount of replies to a tweet greatly outnumbers the amount of retweets and likes, then the tweet is bad. Read More

Chonk is an internet slang term used to describe overweight cats that grew popular in the late summer of 2018 after a photoshopped chart of cat body-fat indexes renamed the “Chonk” scale grew popular on Twitter and Reddit. Additionally, “Oh Lawd He Comin,’” the final level of the Chonk Chart,Read More →

Annoyed Bird is a four-panel exploitable based on webcomic by False Knees. The comic features a small bird being overshadowed by a much larger crow. Read More

Big Chungus refers to an image of cartoon character Bugs Bunny, usually captioned with the phrase “Big Chungus” and presented as a game for “PlayStation 4” console. The word “chungus” was coined by video game journalist Jim Sterling several years before the meme became popular. Read More