Indian Army Claims It Found Yeti Footprints in the Himalayas

Massive footsteps found in the Himalayas appear to belong to a yeti, the Indian army claimed Monday.

NBC News reported that the 32-inch-long footsteps in the snow were found near the base camp of Mount Makalu, the world’s fifth-highest mountain, on April 9. The photographs were taken by the Indian army’s mountaineering team and were passed on to “the scientific community” to be verified, a representative for the defense ministry said Tuesday.

The military’s tweet sharing the photos referred to the yeti as a “mythical beast,” but the announcement brought mixed reaction online. 

There was some doubt, though a former Indian lawmaker tweeted his congratulations along with an admonition against being disrespectful by calling the legendary creature a “beast.”

Photo Credit: ADG PI/Indian Army

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